But what about school at an adolescent treatment center?!?

Due to their anxiety and OCD, many adolescents who enroll at Mountain Valley have experienced periods of time, sometimes significant, where they were unable to attend school.  For these very capable students, school avoidance leads to poor performance, and poor performance increases a teenager’s anxiety – a vicious cycle.  Academic programming, therefore, is a very important part of the Mountain Valley experience.

Knower Academics, LLC is the exclusive provider of academic programming at Mountain Valley Treatment Center.  Knower’s highly skilled educators – all of them trained in Exposure and Response Prevention by Mountain Valley’s clinical staff – work closely with residents and their support team and craft customized small-group and one-on-one learning opportunities for students during their stay at MVTC.

All residents participate in Academic Module, which meets three times a week, for an hour each session. Academic Module is an opportunity for residents to begin engaging with academic work again in a safe environment.  This component provides an opportunity to be in a classroom setting, get back into an academic routine, and allow for academic exposure therapy assignments. Residents practice project-based learning, and some of our past units include: re-writing pop songs as Shakespearean sonnets; learning about solution density and layering different saltwater solutions on top of each other; discussing the characteristics and substance of a culture – then creating a unique fictional culture; cryptography and code-breaking; and statistics and probability in the context of tabletop roleplay games such as Dungeons and Dragons.

There is no additional charge for the Academic Module.

Some residents also participate in Individualized Academics, where Knower Academics can partner directly with their sending school for parallel work exchange, or their next school or program in order to help ease their transition.  We also support clinical goals through therapeutically appropriate academic work for residents who have academic anxiety. This one-on-one instruction does come at an additional fee and is discussed with parents and clinical team before we begin. For this component, most residents do two to three hours of Individual Academics per class per week, up to three classes over the course of their time at Mountain Valley. Knower’s instructors meet weekly with the clinical team to review our residents’ progress and status within either academic component.

To learn more about Knower Academics, visit their website.