Academic Offerings

Academic Module

The Academic Module, in which all MVTC residents are enrolled, is designed to mimic a classroom environment. Instructors prepare specific lesson plans and activities for each day’s class and partner with clinicians to gradually increase exposure to academic stressors.  The Academic Module provides a supportive opportunity to bolster fundamental learning skills at no added cost to the family.  Instructors incorporate specific exposure activities, as recommended by clinicians, into the framework of daily lesson plans for residents.  For example, if a resident has anxiety related to public speaking, the student may be encouraged to read out loud during literature class and share pieces of writing during community meetings.

Individualized Academics (IA)

Individualized Academics (IA) is available on an optional basis and is customized one-on-one instruction with a qualified teacher.  The teacher may connect with the resident’s school of origin to help the resident stay up to speed in select classes.  Additionally, the teacher may partner with the resident’s treatment team to address a specific academic concern. IA is recommended if the clinical team has determined that an increased academic focus is an appropriate part of the resident’s hierarchy of needs and therapeutic goals. IA programming is offered at an additional cost to the family.

Enhanced Individualized Academics (EIA)

With many families and referral sources having requested a longer term treatment option that would include a more robust academic experience, Mountain Valley has established a coeducational extended phase program for graduates of the treatment phase – one that focuses on and expands the amount of time dedicated to academic credit and exposure. Working with our longtime colleagues at Knower Academics ( to craft the program’s classroom model, MVTC is now able to offer this extension of our academic exposure module and individualized academic services – a longer and more structured academic component that is individualized to a student’s needs. Candidates for this program are Mountain Valley graduates who have successfully completed their length of stay and achieved their treatment goals, as well as select teenagers for whom such a supportive academic and exposure experience has not been found elsewhere.

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