Continuing Care

Soon after parents bring their son or daughter to us at MVTC, we often get the question “But what about when it’s time for them to come home?”

This question is top of mind for us as well. We are not content in merely providing temporary relief and achieving short-lived progress. Your child and family’s long-term success is our highest priority. Though we believe in the excellent work we do here on campus, we understand there is a lot we can’t control when the time comes for residents to leave us and return to their real-world challenges.

After searching for the best continuing care solution to help carry forth what was learned at MVTC to home, boarding school, college – or on to independent living, we are proud to recommend Homeward Bound as our preferred providers of transition services. The experts at Homeward Bound have exactly what our families need. With over twelve years of serving families around the world, their processes, tools, and curriculum give our graduates and their families the confidence and support necessary to make the positive changes last.

Homeward Bound’s Masters and Ph.D. level coaches work in tandem with our therapists to help you create a customized transition plan for your family. While efforts on this plan begin during treatment, some of the best work is done when the coach comes to your home shortly after graduation. This visit gives you the necessary time to effectively lay the foundation for a successful transition. Your coach will help your family create a vision for the coming months, set individual and family goals, and work through fears and issues that could easily spiral things downward if not addressed. They’ll help you better understand what you can do as parents to support your child as they struggle to implement what he or she learned from their MVTC experience now that they are facing the complexity of life after Mountain Valley.

Once your son or daughter has settled in at MVTC, we encourage you to learn more about how you can prepare ahead for this critical, inevitable transition ahead. Please note that Homeward Bound is an optional program, and though highly recommended, it is not required.