Enhanced Individualized Academics


The Enhanced Individualized Academics Program (EIA) is designed to support successful graduates of the treatment phase of Mountain Valley Treatment Center (MVTC) who desire continued clinical support and structure yet are able to manage more academic work within their daily schedule.  The daily schedule for a treatment phase graduate who enters into the EIA will include more time dedicated to continued individualized academic credit recovery and progress and allow for reduced clinical services within the familiar context of the MVTC campus and environment.  The Enhanced Individualized Academics Program is tailored to an individual student’s academic needs and can support a more successful transition and integration into a normalized academic environment afterwards. 

Responding to Parent and Referral Sources

With many families and referral sources requesting a longer term treatment option that would include a more robust academic experience, Mountain Valley has established a coeducational extended phase program for graduates of the treatment phase – one that focuses on and expands the amount of time dedicated to academic credit and exposure. Working with our longtime colleagues at Knower Academics (www.knoweracademics.com) to craft the program’s classroom model, MVTC is now able to offer this extension of our academic exposure module and individualized academic services – a longer and more structured academic component that is individualized to a student’s needs. Candidates for this program are Mountain Valley Residential Treatment graduates who have successfully completed their length of stay and achieved their treatment goals, as well as select teenagers for whom such a supportive academic and exposure experience has not been found elsewhere. While many of MVTC’s residents find an appropriate school or therapeutic program after their sixty to ninety days in Pike, there are a number for whom the appropriate next step of the journey is harder to find.  Such students are searching for a long-term experience that combines therapeutic support, academic challenges, and empathetic peers, but have failed to find such an appropriate “match.”  In the past, many a disappointed parent departed Pike wishing that they could find a school that will continue to support their bright, anxious child.  MVTC’s EIA has been created to remedy that problem. Taking advantage of our proximity to Mountain Valley Treatment Center, our Enhanced Individualized Academics Program offers ongoing, albeit lessened, therapeutic support to MVTC graduates and, in some cases, non-MVTC graduates for whom an intensive therapeutic experience is not needed.  Partnering with Knower Academics to create our curriculum and faculty, our enhanced program features a full-day academic experience not unlike a traditional independent school.  Partnering with MVTC, our students are able to take advantage of the wellness offerings already available at Mountain Valley, and live in Mountain Valley housing – maximizing the resources already in place.

Program Features

  • At the outset of a student’s Enhanced Individualized Academics Program (EIA) experience, MVTC therapists work with EIA specialists and the student’s sending school to create an Individualized Treatment Plan – one that includes an academic “voice.”
  • Continued, reduced access to an MVTC clinician with individualized therapy and participation in ERP groups and activities.
  • A student’s length of stay is determined by the completion of treatment goals, academic goals, and, in some cases, the reality of the academic calendar.  Some students, therefore, may stay in the EIA for an extended period of time, while others may remain for only a term/semester or two.
  • The EIA is an extension/growth out of MVTC’s already in-place academic exposure module and individualized academic services – a concept that focuses on exposure to an academic environment and production into a longer and more structured academic component that is individualized to a student’s needs.
  • The EIA is positioned as a phase that builds on MVTC’s core competency of exposure response prevention (ERP) therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and embraces the unique context of our Upper Valley Stewardship Center environment and beliefs. 

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