The Family Bridge

For most parents, separation from their child is difficult. But when your son or daughter also struggles with anxiety, it is compounded. This is why, at Mountain Valley Treatment Center, we use the The Family Bridge, a confidential, online portal to keep parents connected to what is happening while their son/daughter is with us. Using this tool, you’re able to see photos, follow the day’s agenda, send and receive letters, track upcoming events, and more. And you can do it without waiting for your next scheduled session. Knowing what’s happening with your son or daughter allows you to better connect and support them in this time of growth.

We’re also a fan of the The Family Bridge because it keeps you growing as a parent as well. With a custom curriculum being given in bite-sized pieces, parents are able to learn, complete assignments, and share valuable insights with your child’s therapist so that they can make better use of scheduled sessions.

Lastly, because we believe in beginning with the end in mind, what makes this technology most exciting is what it does for smoothing the transition home again. The Family Bridge facilitates the identification and nurturing of your child’s natural network of support – their “Home Team.” When it’s time to transition home, they’ll have a group of people who are invested and invited to help in the coming months and years.

Upon admission to MVTC you will be given a login to your Family Bridge profile so you can get oriented and start building your team.