The Facilities at MVTC Serve as Perfect Complements to Our Program

Mountain Valley is licensed by the State of New Hampshire and is located in Pike, New Hampshire on the grounds of the Upper Valley Stewardship Center – a working farm and an award winning wildlife preserve.  This magnificent 1800 acre piece of property borders the White Mountain National Forest just to the east of the Appalachian Trail.  Mountain Valley’s buildings were once a part of Dearborne Farm, a vibrant dairy farm that for manyyears supplied milk to much of the Oliverian Valley.  Two of Mountain Valley’s main buildings, The Creamery and Farm House, pay tribute to the rich history of New Hampshire dairy farming and serve as inspiration for much of the work being done at MVTC today.

mvtc-baker-house-residents-roomMountain Valley has three facilities in which residents live, Farm House, Blake House and Baker House.  Baker House, located minutes east of the main campus in Warren, NH was once a country inn and houses up to twelve residents, usually girls, in both single and double rooms.  One of the special features of Baker House is that almost all rooms have a private bathroom.  Blake House is located on the campus and also houses up to twelve residents, usually boys.  The recently renovated Blake House was once owned by a local farmer and more closely resembles a country home than an institutional facility.  It, too, features both single and double rooms.  Farm House can also be used to house residents, but only in special circumstances.  As many as seven residents may live in Farm House at any one time.  All three residential houses feature well-appointed kitchens for the preparation of both breakfasts and evening snacks.

mvtc-blake-house-living-roomThe Creamery houses our kitchen and dining room, as well as administrative offices, including the Admissions Office. Our therapists have offices in Wolter Center, another beautifully renovated facility that also features a spacious “great room” for group therapy, community meetings and our tradition-laden graduation ceremonies.

On a hill overlooking the main campus sits Eastman House.  Another building with a rich agricultural history, Mountain Valley residents and staff use Eastman House for Farm to Table Wellness Module programming.

_dsc0353Once a stop on the railroad line that took passengers and freight from Boston to Montreal, the Village of Pike is home to Pike Station Wellness Center – Mountain Valley’s yoga and expressive art studios, as well as our fitness center.  Just a short drive from Mountain Valley’s main campus is River House Farm and Innerquest Equine Center.  Mountain Valley residents frequent the Equine Center on almost a daily basis for therapeutic sessions and Exposure and Response Prevention modules.

On the eastern-most section of the grounds can be found the Upper Valley Stewardship Center’s offices – located in what was once a working maple sugar house.  Directly behind the UVSC building is the Eve Outdoor Center.  Dedicated in 2012, Eve Outdoor Center features, among other things, a multi-element ropes course.