Tanya Moulton

Intake Coordinator

The former Residential Team Coordinator at Mountain Valley, Tanya moves to an administrative role as Intake Coordinator, performing duties and executing functions directly related to the admissions process.  She is responsible for all client files, and ensures that all data is accurately added to MVTC’s database.  In addition, Tanya is responsible for insurance billing, and assisting families with the reimbursement process.

Tanya’s background is in Medical Administration in which she worked locally for many years.  She admits that her move from the residential side of Mountain Valley to the administrative is “bittersweet,” for she so enjoyed working directly with the MVTC residents, but her past experience serves her well as she interacts with prospective parents, answering questions and sharing her insights on the daily life of our unique residential program.

Tanya lives with her husband, Scott, and their four children in Woodsville, NH.  She really enjoys spending time with her children, and working with adolescents has always been a passion of hers. Tanya’s hobbies include crafting, theater, music, softball, and taking long walks. Tanya’s belief is that happiness can be contagious and she uses this approach daily at Mountain Valley.

Tanya can be reached at tmoulton@mountainvalleytreatment.org, on her cell at 603-728-8396, or in her office at 603-989-3500, extension 7119.