Therapeutic Recreation

Our Therapeutic Recreation Provides Residents with New Challenges that Positively Impact Self-Esteem

Through our therapeutic recreation program, we seek to challenge our residents to partake in activities that they normally might be reluctant to pursue due to their anxiety and avoidant tendencies. Our therapeutic recreation program offers similar incremental challenges. Beginning with on-campus activities that includes: horseback riding on our trails, hiking, yoga, mountain biking, art, music, snowshoeing and cross country skiing, residents will be incrementally challenged by routines that include hiking in the White and Green Mountains, canoe and kayaking excursions, rock climbing, and performing a musical instrument in front of residents and staff. In sum, we use the challenges of “outdoor therapy” to reinforce the goals of “indoor therapy.”

Weekends at Mountain Valley are filled with off-campus excursions that combine adventure, culture, and fun.  Residents may get up at sunrise on Saturday and head, with fly rod in hand to an on-campus trout stream.  After lunch, residential faculty and students alike could head to Dartmouth College for a football and field hockey game or to hike on a portion of the Appalachian Trial.  On Sunday, we might travel to Boston for a day at the Museum of Science, Faneuil Hall, or the Aquarium.  Such trips and activities help to empower our residents to rediscover a social life devoid of the powerful grip of anxiety.

Email Jen Fullerton in the Admissions Office for further information.