Mountain Valley’s Senior Therapist, Bryan Randolph, and Knower Academics’ Kayte Knower will join Kim Ross from Brewster Academy and present TWO workshops at the IECA Annual Spring Conference, to be held in Denver on May 10-13. Descriptions of their workshops are below.
I Just Don’t Test Well: Bridging the Disconnect between Classroom Learning and Graded Assessments
Students often say that they know more than their test grades show. This workshop will shed light on the difficulties faced by students who understand material in a day-by-day learning context but come unraveled under pressure. By sharing perspectives from those who teach in therapeutic environments, traditional classrooms, academic support programs, and test preparation offerings, we will isolate factors that impact student performance on tests. As we examine connections between assessments, anxiety, learning style, learning disabilities, accommodations, executive skills, and various aspects of the learning process, we will outline clinical and academic strategies to aid the struggling test-taker.
Reading, Writing, and … Scrolling: Executive Skills in a Digital Age
As schools replace textbooks with tablets, the task of encouraging students to practice executive skills has become more complex. Technology empowers educators to better accommodate learning disabilities and customize organizational systems, yet when faced with anxiety, some students may misuse technology as a coping mechanism, resulting in distraction, disconnectedness, procrastination, and even internet addiction. By sharing examples from the clinical realm as well as academic support environments, we will explore the impact of technology on learning, wellness, and executive skill-development, providing an honest assessment of the strengths and drawbacks of the latest innovations. Extrapolating from those day-to-day examples, we will discuss options for school structures and therapeutic supports that encourage the responsible use of technology.