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Equine-Assisted Therapy

Mountain Valley partners closely with Willow Brook Farm in Plainfield, NH to facilitate equine-assisted therapy for our residents. Equine-assisted therapy has been shown to help individuals build confidence, self-efficacy, communication, trust, perspective, social skills, impulse control, and boundary development.

Horses, as prey who live in herds, are very sensitive to the emotional states of those around them so they can act as mirrors for the emotional process of the humans with whom they interact. The role of equine- assisted therapy is to highlight these instances of mirroring in the moment to aid in self-awareness and growth. Horses are nonjudgmental, relational creatures with a strong grounding presence and working with them offers many opportunities to create metaphors for other issues in a person’s life. Building relationships with these animals can be a very empowering experience.

Woman showing horse to kids.

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