MVTC - Haber with cliniciansOn May 1 and 2, Dr. Russ Haber, professor, author, and family therapy expert, visited Mountain Valley to provide interactive co-therapy and consultation. We thank Dr. Haber, and the two MVTC families who so willingly participated, for assisting us during this most beneficial initiative. Dr. Haber’s goal was to help our already talented clinicians improve their skills in the realm of family therapy and to ultimately improve the level of care and services provided to our residents and their families.

Dr. Daniel Villiers, Mountain Valley’s Founder and Director of Admissions, has had the opportunity to work with Dr. Haber in the past. “Russ is awesome at demonstrating experientially the influence and interaction of the family system across generations,” Dr. Villiers recently stated, “and how interventions across different levels can impact the individual – whether the individual is the client or the parents. Haber and his colleagues were innovative in that they saw their clients, and their problems, as a product of their ‘negative family scripts,’ something I think we really see with our anxious, fearful, and avoidant residents and parents.”

Mountain Valley’s Director of Operations, Jennifer Fullerton, was equally impressed. “It was a wonderful learning and revitalizing opportunity to work with Russ Haber last week. Our therapists had the chance to evaluate and improve upon their clinical skills, while also having some fun. Systemic Family Therapy is an approach that will benefit many of our families, and we were fortunate that two families agreed to be a part of the learning process with our therapists.”