MVTC - Vogel and son skatingDespite the challenges that we may face, the residents and staff at Mountain Valley understand well that to whom much is given much is expected.  Keeping that in mind, MV family members embrace the sprit of volunteerism everyday by participating in firewood drives, collecting hay bales, firefighting, teaching Sunday School, participating in and supporting fundraising events, working with disaster response focused veteran organizations, visiting with residents at the local nursing home and, in the case of Greg Vogel, our ever upbeat Associate Executive Director for Program Operations, becoming a member of the Piermont School Board.

Greg, who also serves as the Executive Director of the Upper Valley Stewardship Center, has a long history of lending his many talents to the local community and serves on the Hanover Hockey Association Board, Oliverian Recreation Association Board and has been a force behind resurrecting the Pike Fall Festival. He is passionate about working with local youth and has dedicated himself to serving area families in need.  It is no surprise that Greg was urged to run for the open position on the School Board, and as he begins his three year term we thank him, and other volunteers in the Mountain Valley Community, for their great work!