Our Admissions’ Practices Are Pro-Active and Responsive

A pre-admission interview will be conducted over the phone by one of our admissions team members. If deemed potentially appropriate for a residential placement, a more comprehensive meeting will be scheduled so that more detailed information can be gathered to ensure Mountain Valley is the most appropriate setting. This meeting, which can be conducted at our Pike, New Hampshire campus, over the phone, via secure video conferencing or, if necessary, an in-home interview can be arranged.  Additionally, a multidisciplinary admissions committee reviews all prospective resident’s needs to insure that Mountain Valley is the appropriate treatment option for the individual. The Admissions process also involves reviewing all current clinical or neuropsychological and educational assessments, as well as conferring with all members of the applicant’s home support team.

For more information or to schedule a pre-admissions interview, call 603-616-6693 to speak with Jennifer Fullerton, Associate Executive Director for Administrative and Clinical Services, or send her an email at