Affording the MVTC Experience

Mountain Valley is pleased to be able to offer need-based financial aid, albeit on a limited basis, to qualifying families.  Interested families are required to submit the following information to MVTC’s Financial Aid Committee in order to be considered for assistance:


Mountain Valley is a self-pay treatment program. We do not accept payment from third party providers (e.g. insurance or loan companies). We do, however, contract with SJ Health Insurance Advocates, who can assist families, for a fee, in receiving some reimbursement from their insurance companies. SJ Health Insurance Advocates will verify benefits, request authorization for services, and bill the insurance company so that families may receive reimbursement from their insurance company. The amount of reimbursement varies based upon what services are authorized, as well as an individual’s specific plan and policy. We cannot guarantee reimbursement, but SJ Health Insurance Advocates will assist you in accessing what reimbursement is available. Please contact us at Mountain Valley should you have any additional questions regarding the insurance reimbursement process.