Activity Therapy Modules


Mountain Valley’s Residential Life Program is made-up of a series of rotating daily Activity Therapy modules.  This component of Mountain Valley is both unique and significant in its ability to enhance and support the CBT-based Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) activities while supporting behavioral activation to address depression. The module program is built around opportunities that reflect various elements of our surroundings, provide challenges (and fun), and is based principles of stewardship, skill-building and mastery, healthy risk-taking, life-skills, and mindfulness.  Currently, our activity based module program includes: Farm to Table, Therapeutic Equine Programming, Yoga & Meditation, Therapeutic Recreation, Fitness, Health & Wellness, and Expressive Arts.  Each of these modules affords residents the opportunity to learn about a healthy and active lifestyle while immersing them in Mountain Valley’s unplugged, active and community-focused culture.

Therapists have the opportunity to design ERP activities and assignments that can be implemented within the activity therapy modules or outside of that structure to create an in vivo experience, in coordination with well-trained members of our residential staff, known as Exposure Specialists, for even greater impact.  The unique design of our schedule and commitment to unique, clinically integrated programming serves to drive the effectiveness of the entire Mountain Valley experience.  For example, our overall commitment to nutrition and how food affects your mood, serves to highlight the sustainability goals within Farm to Table and drives us to make wise decisions as we plant our garden and what we feed the animals that will provide for us.  The ability to utilize our Equine Program and Therapeutic Recreation in support of individual treatment plans and themes such as perfectionism, fear of failure, negative judgment, or assertiveness is also an example of why the Mountain Valley model and clinical sophistication is unique.  Our Yoga & Meditation module and cultural commitment to various forms of yoga work hand in hand as we emphasize the connection between mind and body and practice of “being in the moment.”

Healthy risk-taking and skill mastery are the philosophical tenets behind each of our activity therapy modules.  These tenets speak to the connectedness with each resident’s treatment plan and the unique milieu component to conquer their anxiety, fears and phobias and replace it with strength and confidence.  The daily schedule is purposefully designed to replicate a typical day of school or work – either of which are what so many of our residents have avoided or withdrawn from as a result of their personal battle with anxiety and OCD.  While each resident strives to address their own challenges, they are also exposed to some wonderful experiences that serve to re-ignite passion or embrace new activities that have been missing from their lives and that will continue after Mountain Valley.


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