Integrated Treatment

MVTC offers an integrated treatment environment to address adolescent anxiety disorders and OCD

Mountain Valley accurately describes us geographically, as well as symbolically. The mountain represents a challenge to overcome, and the valley a sense of rest, peace, and balance that we seek to give all our residents.

Each day, from a scheduling perspective, mimics a typical school day and is filled with structured and purposeful activities that balance the resident’s daily individual and group therapy sessions. Our therapeutic recreation program offers complementary and incremental challenges that take advantage of our surroundings, including yoga, equine therapy, mindfulness, fitness, farming and art, as well as mountain biking, hiking, snow-shoeing on our own 1800-acre campus, in addition to more challenging excursions in the White Mountains.

Our residences are comfortable, but in keeping with the country nature of our setting, far from posh. We try to simplify life to help residents understand the differences between actual and perceived needs. Mountain Valley is an “unplugged” community and internet is limited to educational uses only. Lunch and dinners are served family-style to emphasize the importance of social interaction. And whenever possible, students participate in both the cultivation and preparation of the organic foods we grow and raise on our campus.

Email Jen Fullerton in the Admissions Office for further information.