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Financial Aid

Affording the MVTC Experience

Deciding to pursue residential treatment for your child is a difficult decision and financial commitment might be a large part of that decision. The daily rate for treatment at Mountain Valley is $1,090.00, which is inclusive of all therapeutic services, programming, activities, room and board, and psychiatric consultation/medication management. A typical length of stay at Mountain Valley is 90 days. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss the cost of treatment at MVTC.

While Mountain Valley Treatment Center is out of network for all insurance companies and does not do any direct insurance billing,  we work closely with SJ Health Insurance Advocates to assist your family with potential insurance reimbursement. Whether an insurance company will reimburse families for any costs depends upon your individual insurance company and plan. Because insurance reimbursement is never guaranteed, families should be prepared to cover the cost out-of-pocket. We strongly encourage any families seeking insurance reimbursement to contact SJ Health prior to enrolling. Mountain Valley will provide ICD-10-CM diagnostic codes on request. Please note that Mountain Valley does not provide itemized “super bills” and/or CPT procedure codes.

Mountain Valley Treatment Center takes into account the financial burden that privately funded mental health care can place on a family. We are able to assist some families with the cost of treatment. In order to learn if you qualify for partial financial assistance from MVTC, please complete the Financial Aid Form. If you’d like more information on how MVTC works with families to meet the financial obligations for the program, please contact our admissions team.

Financial aid applications should be made concurrently with applications for admission.

Interested families should submit the following information in order to be considered for assistance:

  1. The family’s two most most recent years’ IRS Form 1040
  2. A completed Mountain Valley Financial Aid Form

Completed financial-aid forms should be submitted directly to our admissions office at admissions@mountainvalleytreatment.org as part of a resident’s application packet.

Mountain Valley is a highly specialized, self-pay treatment program that does not accept payment from third-party providers e.g., insurance or loan companies.

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