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Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP)

Our model for comprehensive care produces encouraging results

As a comprehensive treatment program, Mountain Valley has developed a paradigm of care that emphasizes the whole person, and not just his or her clinical needs. Mountain Valley believes that the broader intellectual, social and physical health needs of our residents must be addressed, so that our residents can graduate our treatment program with the knowledge, skills, and confidence, to overcome not only their anxiety, but other challenges in their life as well.

How Exposure Therapy Can Help Anxiety

Clinical Model: Exposure & Response Prevention

Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) at Mountain Valley is conducted in a compassionate, collaborative, and encouraging fashion. ERP leads to a change in one’s relationship with anxiety-provoking situations, thoughts, and intrusive images. Such change often leads to a decrease in symptoms of anxiety and OCD, an increase in functionality and an ability to engage in the world rather than isolate and avoid.

Residents work closely with their therapists and staff to design and implement their own individualized and group-based exposures. Before graduating, residents take ownership of their exposures, voluntarily seeking out challenging and uncomfortable situations related to anxiety and OCD, and learning to experience these situations in a more adaptive and functional manner. Mountain Valley encourages an evolution from staff supported exposure to Self-Directed Exposure (SDE) with the intention of helping residents to adopt an “exposure-lifestyle” that can be taken away from Mountain Valley and adapted to new environments. Our flexible and values-driven approach to ERP is supported through participation in a unique programmatic model that consists of a series of clinically integrated experiential activities. These serve as a conduit for exposure work, as well as an opportunity for residents to be introduced to new, challenging, and fun skill-building activities. Our goal is to equip residents, and their families, with a solid understanding of OCD and anxiety, and ERP strategies for treating their specific behaviors and avoidance.

Through ongoing education about anxiety and OCD, and repeated ERP challenges, Mountain Valley’s residents internalize the necessary self-awareness and skills to reduce the impact of unwanted and often debilitating worries and fear. They will more effectively manage inevitable relapses and move forward with increased confidence to achieve personal goals and live a more fulfilling life.

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