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Wish List

Mountain Valley Treatment Center benefits from capital and endowment support, as well as a surprising range of gifts of tangible personal property and gifts-in-kind, both new and used, such as athletic equipment, furniture, supplies, and many other items. These donations have an immediate impact on both Mountain Valley’s residents and staff.

Both the value to MVTC and your potential tax benefits depend upon the use of the gift. If your donation qualifies as “related use” — that is, if it will be used by MVTC to accomplish its mission — you can deduct the gift’s full fair market value. Examples of such gifts include musical instruments used by residents for exposure therapy, hiking gear used for adventure therapy, and riding tack used for equine therapy. For tangible personal property gifts with “unrelated use,” the donor can typically deduct the cost basis, which is usually the purchase price paid by the donor for the property.

Mountain Valley is always looking for funding that will enhance the therapeutic and residential experience. Might you be willing to either donate one of the items suggested below or, perhaps, underwrite, or help to underwrite, a capital expenditure? For further information, including Wish List item costs, please contact us at 603-989-3500 or info@mountainvalleytreatment.org. We thank you, in advance, for your generous support of the Mountain Valley Treatment Center.



In order to make the Mountain Valley experience affordable to a wider, more socioeconomically diverse population, a fund for financial aid/scholarship has been established in memory of Mountain Valley’s former Executive Director, Don Vardell. Our hope is that this fund will grow to a level at which it has a significant impact on our ability to offer meaningful financial assistance.


In order to offer a truly dynamic exposure experience to our residents, a discretionary fund for weekend/evening programming should be established.


In order to attract and retain the best clinicians and staff, a professional development fund for clinical trainings, lectures, and professional symposiums should be established.

Capital Projects/Naming Opportunities

  • Art Center Renovation (Funded) – $40,000
  • Climbing Tower (Funded) – $50,000
  • Clinical Center – Kitchen (Funded) – $20,000
  • Clinical Center – Nurses’ Suite – $15,000 naming opportunity
  • Clinical Center – Large Conference Room – $10,000 naming opportunity
  • Clinical Center – Small Conference Room – (Funded) -$7,500
  • Gallup House – Executive Director’s Office – $10,000 naming opportunity
  • Gallup House – Residential Staff Office – $5,000 naming opportunity
  • Gallup House – Admissions Office – $7,500 naming opportunity
  • Gallup House – Great Room – $25,000 naming opportunity
  • Gallup House – Library – $10,000 naming opportunity
  • Gallup House – Dining Room – $10,000 naming opportunity
  • Gallup House – Program Director’s Office – $5,000 naming opportunity
  • Gallup House – Fitness Center Renovation and Equipment – $35,000 (Funded)
  • Low Ropes Course (Funded) – $12,000
  • Tennis Court Refurbishing – $30,000 (Funded)
  • Stable Renovation – $25,000 naming opportunity
  • Barn Construction – $50,000 naming opportunity
  • Carriage House – Addition – $75,000 naming opportunity
  • Carriage House – Living Room – $25,000 naming opportunity
  • Carriage House – Entryway – $10,000 naming opportunity

Gifts in Kind

  1. Indoor Rower (Funded)
  2. Peloton Stationary Bikes (Funded)
  3. Peloton treadmill (Funded)
  4. Ski Ergometer (Funded)
  5. Mountain Bikes
  6. Piano
  7. Cross-country skis and ski boots
  8. Snowshoes

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