Two afternoons a week, the Mountain Valley residents and staff learn the ancient art of Tai Chi Chuan from master instructor, Sifu Paul Drake. The majority of Paul’s students are surprised to learn that this mild-mannered gentleman, now in his 60’s, was once a movie star! The year was 1983, and Paul was featured in Sudden Impact, the fourth installment in Clint Eastwood’s series in which he portrays the iconic character, Detective Harry Callahan, a.k.a., Dirty Harry. Seemingly out of character to those of us who know him today, Paul played “Mick” – the villain at the climax of the film who Harry eliminates with his .357 Magnum from atop the roller coaster, and is subsequently impaled on the unicorn. Thanks to Clint Eastwood, with a little help from Paul Drake, millions of cinema lovers are familiar with the expression, “Go ahead, make my day.” And thanks to Paul Drake, with a little help from the Residential Faculty, MVTC residents are suddenly impacted by Tai Chi Chuan!