Mountain Valley Treatment Center, a unique non-profit teen treatment center specializing in adolescent anxiety, continues to build external relationships to benefit our students and families. Partnerships with Hanover Psychiatry and a developing relationship with Yale Child Study Center offer a distinct level of care and continue to strengthen our clinical program.

Last year, Mountain Valley entered into a relationship with Hanover Psychiatry, a division of the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth in nearby Hanover, NH to provide certification training for our therapists in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a key modality in treating adolescent anxiety. The training program is divided into two key components that include multi week classroom education at the medical school, followed by clinical supervision and observation on site at Mountain Valley. This second component is underway this year. The relationship also included partnering with Hanover Psychiatry for consultation, medication management and psychiatric and psychological diagnostic evaluations. Their team of psychiatrists, psychologists and neuropsychologists expand the scope of evaluations and treatment services offered by Mountain Valley. This relationship maximizes the potential for enhanced functioning for our students in all aspects of their lives including home, school, leisure and relationships.

Additionally, Mountain Valley is discussing opportunities to partner with Drs. Wendy Silverman and Eli Lebowitz at the Anxiety Disorders Program of the Child Study Center at the Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, CT. At the heart of the discussion is to focus on diagnostic clarity, treatment planning, family education. Educating families is a key component of the clinical program at Mountain Valley.

Staying in tune with current research in the areas of adolescent anxiety and related disorders is a key component of the mission and focus for Mountain Valley. The evidenced based approach of Exposure Response Prevention therapy and the unique experiential wellness module program combined provide the most effective environment for effective treatment and positive change. These partnerships underscore our commitment to evidence based treatment and the highest quality of care available to the children and families we service.