Mountain Valley is pleased to announce that it is partnering with Penikese, Ocean Classroom Foundation, and the legendary McLean Hospital, to become charter members of the newly formed Family Support Collaborative.  Founded by MVTC’s Will White and Carl Lovejoy, as well as Penikese’s Executive Director, Jay Wolter, the Family Support Collaborative was initiated by this team of experienced professionals as a vehicle to assist not only families with children facing challenges, but non-profit schools and programs as well.  Family Support Collaborative (FSC) shares the collective resources of independent non-profit entities in a way that better and more efficiently supports parents and their children in achieving positive outcomes.  FSC strengthens “partnering” non-profits by offering the opportunity to share resources and support one another in a non-competitive, flexible, and collegial way that offers individual “pathways” to members depending on their respective needs.  Part of FSC’s mission is to ensure that each member program has the clinical expertise, organizational management, human capital, and other resources needed to provide the highest quality care to every client through specialized evidence based practices, education and research.

Interested in learning more about the Family Support Collaborative?  Contact MVTC’s Director of External Affairs, Carl Lovejoy, at