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Mountain Valley Transitions

Ensuring the lasting success of your child and family is our utmost priority. While we take pride in the exceptional work conducted on our campus, we recognize that many families need ongoing support when residents transition back to real-world challenges. We are pleased to offer Mountain Valley Transitions to support our belief that people with anxiety and related disorders can do more than just cope — they can heal and thrive, harnessing their struggles as opportunities for growth.

Mountain Valley Transitions is designed to support young people and their parents immediately following primary treatment for anxiety and related disorders. This ninety-day program, a collaboration between Mountain Valley and 360 Transitions, supports the critical process of translating skills and progress made during treatment to the “real world”— be that home, college, or independent living. Transition and aftercare support reduces short-term post-treatment setbacks and improves long-term outcomes, making it an important means of protecting a family’s emotional and financial investment in treatment. Our mentors and parent coaches have experience with ERP and anxiety treatment, making us the only anxiety-specialized transition and aftercare program in the country.

Mentoring: Our Mountain Valley trained mentors provide practical, compassionate, exposure-based* mentoring — both in-person and remotely — designed to help the young person apply skills learned in treatment to real-life, real-time challenges. Mentoring includes:

  • Two in-person visits
  • Monday–Friday daily check-ins
  • A weekly video call
  • 24/7 as-needed, real-time text and phone support

Our mentors help clients continue the process of self-discovery, self-care, improved family communication, goal setting and planning, navigating everyday stressors, and — perhaps most importantly — implementing self-directed exposure work.

*Specifically, Exposure and Response Prevention, or ERP — the most effective, evidence-based approach for addressing problem anxiety and related disorders, including OCD.

Parent Coaching: Our parent coaches include former and current Mountain Valley therapists with expertise in ERP and anxiety work. Parent coaching includes:

  • A weekly scheduled coaching session
  • Real-time, as-needed text and telephone crisis support
  • Case management to ensure alignment between the parent coach and mentor as well as effective communication between the parent, child, and involved professionals

Our parent coaching is based, in part, on the SPACE** parenting model and is designed to help parents support their child’s growth after treatment, understand their own role in family reintegration, and address their own anxieties surrounding this process.

**Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions, an approach pioneered by Dr. Eli Lebowitz of Yale University

Cost: $12,000 for the 90-day program ($133/day). Cost is all-inclusive including mentor travel expenses for visits.

For more information or to apply, please contact Sharon McCallie-Steller, MS, MHC, Mountain Valley Transitions Director: