It is well documented that group-based movement therapy is beneficial for those with mood and anxiety disorders.  To that end, Mountain Valley has enhanced its Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy curriculum (MBCT) and enlisted Mike St. Laurence, the Movement Coach at The River Valley Club in Lebanon, NH, to teach Movement Development to our residents. Movement Development, part of the “Movement Culture” as initiated by Ido Portal, focuses on the importance of cultivating a comprehensive movement practice to achieve physical self-awareness and general well-being. Movement education, through quality and control of the physical movement, pulls from many methods and disciplines, such as yoga, Pilates, dance, martial arts, sports and fitness training, to explore and understand the true principles of appropriately and efficiently moving one’s body and being in touch or mindful of the relationship between body and mind.  “Movement Mike,” as he is referred to by residents, feels strongly that these principles are relevant to everyone – and will always be relevant.