Established in November 2016 to honor Mountain Valley’s visionary and a member of the founding team, The Daniel P. Villiers Fund for Financial Aid will be used to assist parents who qualify for need-based financial assistance afford the Mountain Valley experience for their children.

Dr. Villiers’ lasting legacy at Mountain Valley is the hundreds of adolescents who have successfully completed their treatment goals and have graduated either devoid of anxiety or, at the very least, well-prepared to face the challenges that they will experience with their anxiety and related disorders going forward. It was Dan who developed the unique service of conducting in-home interviews and supported admissions for school and social avoidant teenagers – a component of Mountain Valley that has helped set us apart from other specialized anxiety treatment centers.   Unfortunately, many of the families with whom Dan met during his years at Mountain Valley were not able to take advantage of our services due to cost restrictions.  And while Mountain Valley is able to offer a few qualifying families some financial assistance, this support currently comes directly from MVTC’s operating budget, a paradigm that could pose a negative long-term problem for a relatively new program with limited resources. The time has come to create Mountain Valley’s first endowed fund, and it is fitting that such a fund celebrate Dr. Villiers’ legacy.

The Daniel P. Villiers Fund for Financial Aid has been established, therefore, for three compelling reasons – to honor Dan in perpetuity for his contributions to Mountain Valley, to ensure that even more families are able to take advantage of treatment, and to help ensure financial sustainability for Mountain Valley.

Interested in making a gift in support of The Villiers Fund?  Contact Carl Lovejoy, Associate Executive Director for Communications and Development at