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Program Overview

Mountain Valley provides hope for adolescents and young adults struggling with anxiety and related disorders. Our 90-day* program is built on a foundation of exposure and response prevention therapy, or ERP, often called “the gold standard for anxiety treatment” by clinical professionals specializing in anxiety. Well executed ERP is an evidence-based modality that does much more than relieve symptoms, it can transform lives by turning a resident’s relationship with anxiety on its head. By essentially teaching young people how to be “unafraid of fear,” they can trade fear-based habits of avoidance for new habits of courageous engagement. Anxiety becomes less of an enemy and more of an ally–a valuable emotion that can inform a lifetime of growth.  

On this foundation of ERP, Mountain Valley has designed an interdisciplinary, milieu-based program for each resident that is customized to meet their specific needs. This means that our clinicians and our milieu teamwork hand in glove to bring ERP and complementary psychotherapies into a real-world context that includes all of the “normal” elements of real life–academics, community, recreation, so that insights gained in therapy can be tested and practiced to build durable, transferable skills. All of this is customized around each resident’s unique anxiety profile and ideal rate of growth.  

Our goal for every resident is that they leave Mountain Valley with the tools and confidence necessary for a lifetime of growth in pursuit of a life they can love.    

*90 Days is an approximation based on a three-phase program structure with each phase designed to take approximately thirty days. While more residents complete all three phases in approximately 90-days some may take longer to achieve their growth goals.  

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