Mountain Valley Treatment Center (MVTC) has expanded its in-home intervention and assessment program to meet the increasing demand for this unique and specialized service for adolescents with anxiety disorders.

Richard Curtis, LCSW has joined the treatment center’s admissions team as Clinical Interventionist.  Richard is a recognized and talented clinician who served at the Academy at Swift River for over five years.  Along with Dr. Dan Villiers, Founder and Director of Admissions, Richard will support educational consultants and families who are in need of an out-of-home placement for their son or daughter struggling with anxiety.

MVTC serves clients living with anxiety and related conditions that have resulted in intermittent or complete school-refusal, social isolation, and/or resistance to going to therapy. Whether the child has become housebound or not, avoidance and escape has become an unhealthy way of coping with their anxiety disorder. Most Mountain Valley residents need intensive, specific, evidenced-based treatment to limit anxiety interfering with school (whether traditional or therapeutic) attendance, other activities of daily life, and a general sense of contentment in their lives.

Richard and Dr. Villiers’ clinical interventions are carefully designed, in collaboration with consultants and clinical professionals, to assess, support and motivate some of the most fearful and treatment resistant adolescents in the country.  This instrumental process involves helping the student and family realize: 1) the intrusive role and impact of their problem, 2) how the problem is getting worse over time, 3) why leaving home for treatment is so helpful in breaking the cycle of anxiety, fear and avoidance.

Adding Richard to the team comes following our recent announcement of Mountain Valley absorbing the facility once part of the former Baker Valley Treatment Center. Located nearby the main campus, this additional facility, now known as Baker House, will give Mountain Valley the ability to create small living situations based upon gender, age, and levels of anxiety while continuing to focus on our evidenced-based and client-centered treatment curriculum.  It will neither change the profile of our residents, nor significantly increase our residential population.  We continue to be driven by Mountain Valley’s founding mission – to serve adolescents with paralyzing anxiety, to help the family become a healthy partner in their child’s treatment and long term recovery, and always strive to be leaders in the treatment of child and adolescent anxiety disorders in the United States.

Educational consultants interested in discussing admission to Mountain Valley, or in scheduling an in-home intervention and assessment service, should call Jen Fullerton, LICSW, at 603-989-3500.  In-home visits can be scheduled within 24 hours, and can occur anywhere in the US.