Mountain Valley’s Associate Executive Director for Communications and Development, Carl Lovejoy, was honored to receive an Excellence in Service Award by the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) at the  Northeast Regional Conference dinner on September 28 in Kennebunkport, ME.  Carl is a member of Mountain Valley’s founding team and has held various positions of leadership at MVTC since April 2011.

Carl J. LovejoyNATSAP, of which Mountain Valley is a member, was created in January of 1999 to serve as a national resource for programs and professionals assisting young people beleaguered by emotional and behavioral difficulties. The Association is governed by an elected, volunteer Board of Directors comprised of representatives from the NATSAP membership.  Membership in NATSAP is voluntary and is renewed annually. Members include therapeutic schools, residential treatment programs, wilderness therapy programs, outdoor therapeutic programs, young adult programs and home-based residential programs. NATSAP requires the members of our organization to be licensed by the appropriate state agency authorized to set and oversee standards of therapeutic and/or behavioral healthcare for youth and adolescents or accredited by a nationally recognized behavioral health accreditation agency and to have therapeutic services with oversight by a qualified clinician.