Mountain Valley is so fortunate to receive the support – in every definition of that word – from the parents of our graduates. By talking with prospective families as part of our Parent Partners initiative, attending Fall Family Festivals, and making charitable donations in support of programming, financial aid and facilities (to name just a few), our “past” parents do much to ensure that our current residents are able to able to have a meaningful, successful therapeutic experience during their time here.
One such couple, Laurie and Michael Schuftan, wrote the thoughtful letter below soon after attending our reunion with their son, David.
Dear MVTC:
We wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful the 5th Annual Mountain Valley Treatment Center Reunion was this past Saturday. It was truly amazing to see how many former residents and their family members returned to this very special place.
Michael and I are so thankful that Mountain Valley exists. Other parents expressed similar sentiments to us, literally stating that MVTC saved their children’s lives.
As Carl Lovejoy stated numerous times throughout the day, it was remarkable that people traveled from far and wide to return to a TREATMENT CENTER!! Although the past residents went through difficult times while in treatment, obviously many realized how important those experiences were, and those bonds that were made with individuals going through similar trials and tribulations were to be cherished.
We stayed until after 5:00 pm, when David and his group of friends were, at last, able to give their final hugs and say final good byes for the day.
We are proud to continue to support the invaluable work the the Mountain Valley Treatment Center does to help this population of kids.
With sincere gratitude and love,
Laurie and Michael Schuftan