Mountain Valley has introduced a new daily module schedule, effective May 22. This remodeled schedule allows each resident the opportunity to participate in the following purposeful wellness and enrichment modules: Farm to Table, Fitness and Recreation, Equine, Academic, Environmental/Social Awareness, Art/Music, Adventure, Culinary, and Community Service. Each of these modules was a part of previous scheduling, but now the curriculum for each is more defined, and every resident will have the opportunity to participate in each module each week. For this to occur, each resident is assigned to a particular Team, and will participate in programming with their Team. We also know that it is important for Mountain Valley residents to interact as a unified community, so within the new module schedule there will be ample opportunities (e.g. group, meals, afternoon community meetings, evening activities, weekend activities) where residents will engage in activities with their larger peer group.

We have also enhanced our academic program by contracting with Knower Tutoring to provide academic support (e.g. executive functioning skills, study skills) to each resident, at no additional charge. If through the initial assessment process additional, individualized services are needed, those are still available, for a fee, from Knower Tutoring for up to four hours per week.
The other change that is occurring within the Module Schedule is that Mountain Valley will no longer allow residents free time each evening to use their cell phones, lap tops, and other electronic devices. Mountain Valley has become increasingly aware that residents’ use of technology has been counterproductive to the achievement of their treatment goals, and continues the cycle of avoidance that many residents were struggling with prior to Mountain Valley. Residents may now use lap tops for academic and/or journaling assignments only. Residents will be encouraged to communicate with their families by calling them on the landline phone in evenings from 8:30 until 10:00 p.m.

Being an anxiety treatment center, Mountain Valley is mindful that a change in scheduling and programming may be challenging for our residents and we are assisting them with the change. Often, the anticipation of the event is the most difficult aspect, and we will work closely with residents, and their parents, during this period of transition.