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“The impossible is made possible at Mountain Valley.” – A quote from a resident in her MVTC graduation speech

“Mountain Valley is a life changing experience. The clinical aspect is the Gold Standard, top notch. The real draw to the place is the staff that consists of the most caring and kind people doing life changing work.” – Review on MVTC’s Facebook page, Written by the Mother of a Graduate

“What you learn at Mountain Valley is important, but what you do with it once you leave is more important.” – A Former Resident speaking to a Graduating Resident via Skype at an April 2018 graduation ceremony

Our home visit went well – beyond expectations! I am still wondering what you did with the boy I dropped off in August because the “new” Johnny is full of happiness and less overcome with anxiety and depression. This from a boy who told me one evening before being admitted into Brattleboro Retreat for suicidal ideation when he was eleven, that he didn’t know what happiness was. I would thank you all for giving me my son back, but I can’t because I never knew this confident person who smiles all the time. I am happy for our family but elated that Johnny now has the opportunity to really experience life in a meaningful way that he has never had the privilege of doing.” – Mother of a Graduate

“There are simply no words that can express how grateful we all are for MVTC and the positive impact it has had on our daughter and our family. She continues to grow and apply the skills she learned while at MVTC and Tom and I often say to ourselves when trying to figure out a response to a challenging question/issue, “Hmmm, what would Bryan say…” : )” – Mother of a Graduate

“A wonderful setting with incredibly talented folks in which to learn life skills and anxiety coping mechanisms as a teenager to carry and utilize for the rest of your life. Transformative for entire family.” – Mother of a Graduate

“To all at MVTC: Thank you. We have our loving, giving, kind child back. I’m not sure she would still be alive if it weren’t for you.” – Mother of a Graduate

“I just wanted to thank you and your whole staff (and all the residents!) for everything you have done for our daughter and our family. Yesterday was definitely one of the best days of my entire life—seeing all the love and pride for her in that room was magical. You are an incredible group of people and you do amazing things for the kids. Thank you for helping our daughter so very much and celebrating her successes. With much love and gratitude.” – Mother of a Graduate

“Just want to say that our son seems to be doing well at Lewis & Clark College out in Portland, OR. This summer, he’ll be back home working, traveling a little, and catching up with friends. My gratitude to Mountain Valley will never end.” – Mother of a Graduate

“I can’t thank Mountain Valley enough for all of the life changing experiences they have given me. I miss the program everyday, and hope one day to visit. Thank you, MVTC, for everything.” – A Review on MVTC’s Facebook page, Written by a Graduate

“Wanted you to know that our daughter just got home tonight from completing her first semester at Dickinson College. She did really well, has a ton of friends, and never missed a deadline or test. THANK YOU ALL for helping her to get to this happy time in her life!!!” – Mother of MVTC’s first graduate

“I cannot begin to describe how MV has positively impacted our son’s life and of course, my husband’s and mine. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” – A Review on MVTC’s Facebook page, Written by the Parent of a Graduate

“Our daughter really benefited from her stay at MVTC. The difference between last year and this year is almost immeasurable. Academically, socially, from a self confidence standpoint – she is much better by any metric. There are, of course, still “moments” and thus still room for more growth. But she has set her path & is moving well along it.” – Father of a Graduate

Dear Carl, Don, Jen, Greg and all who are a part of making MVTC such a special place, our day with you was so special and we truly appreciate the time you spent with us! For everyone to gather around to meet us was truly an exceptional welcome! You are all an incredibly talented community of people who have created a program that offers young people an opportunity to feel safe and valued while they work to understand and face their anxiety or whatever challenges they face. The holistic and comprehensive care approach sets you apart from so many other centers. The exposure curriculum was so fascinating for us to hear about as well as having an opportunity to have Greg bring us around to visit the horses. Marge and I walked away feeling filled with excitement, inspiration, and hope for the young people you support. Clearly, you all provide a life changing experience for young people! We look forward to partnering with you in the very near future to discuss teacher training and/or student placement. Lets stay in touch! Healthiest regards, Kim” – Kim Ross, Dean of Academic Support Programs at Brewster Academy, Wolfeboro, NH

“My 89 days at MVTC were a life changing experience, I had struggled with PTSD for about a year before I arrived at MVTC. It changed my life and the lessons and skills I learned at MVTC were life changing for me and I know many others who also have had the same experience. I am not going to lie, it is hard very hard, and you yourself have to want to change. Treatment cannot make you change, and you… yourself have to apply what you have learned in order to succeed and strive in the “real” world outside of treatment. One must make sacrifices in order to go to this program, but at least for me and for my family those sacrifices were well worth it. Change cannot be forced onto someone, you must accept it and learn a new way of living, which is hard. Having been in several treatment programs before MVTC I must say I really enjoyed the student to faculty ratio, and the large amount of therapy you receive at the program. One thing I would like to point out is that MVTC is not behavior modification program, and it is not like that at all. If I had a line to describe MVTC it would be “the paradise of treatment centers”. There are no punishments, and everything is challenge by choice, no one forces you to do anything, (that’s for behavior modification) you have to choose to push yourself and better yourself as a person with the support of the staff and faculty at the program.” – A Review on MVTC’s Facebook Page from a Graduate

“Mountain Valley was life-changing for our son, and for us. Keep up the good work. The enhanced education program sounds great.” – Mother of a Graduate

Watching the MVTC video made me cry. Thank you guys for helping me through the times I couldn’t figure out myself. Mountain Valley was a gift from God, and I can’t thank the staff and the therapists enough for making me realize I had the potential to get back out there. Much love.” – A Post on the MVTC Facebook Page from a Graduate

Mountain Valley is amazing!!! The treatment provided to our daughter was so helpful and she is doing very well at home and her new school. I would absolutely recommend MVTC to someone in a similar situation. I think the addition of the next phase of academics is good and we likely would have taken advantage of that opportunity had it been available when our daughter was there.” – Parent of a Graduate

“A life changer for both child and parents. 2 and 1/2 years later and still doing well!” – Parent of a Graduate

“MVTC significantly affected my child’s trajectory in his struggle with the challenges of severe social anxiety. He learned to better handle challenges and more fully understands how to put into action what he was taught. I think he feels more in control. He has met important goals since he left and feels better about himself. Looking back on the last 12 months, he has made wonderful progress that would likely never have happened with MVTC. The experience of living with peers and having group exposures and therapy was worth every penny and every tear. I will be forever thankful for MVTC.” – Parent of a Graduate

“The staff and her personal therapist are doing a great job helping our daughter with her panic and anxiety. This was the right place for her and we wish we found MVTC sooner!” – Parent of a Graduate

“She’s really doing well. Learning some real independence, plus with the support of College Excel, she is learning a lot. Mountain Valley was instrumental in preparing her for this journey. :)” – Mother of a Graduate

“Mountain Valley was an amazing, cathartic, intense and successful experience. The team there are really, really good, and really dedicated. The proof in the pudding is this week: school starts up again on Wednesday, and she is clearly a bit anxious, but says she’s ready to go back to Potomac School and does not want to consider a different school. So MV was a big hit; a boon for her and for us. And you were there at the beginning saying “yes – this is a good team.” And that was all I needed.” – An Email from the Father of a Graduate to a Friend of MVTC

“Dear Mountain Valley, I graduated today, so I stopped by to say goodbye one last time. Thank you for everything you did for me; I wouldn’t have finished high school if it wasn’t for this wonderful place. A word of advice from an alum: you can do it! It can be so difficult and so annoying at times, but the substance you gain from MVTC is immeasurable. I think about my time here everyday! I love you all so much.” – An Email from a Graduate

We are filled with so much gratitude for Mountain Valley – and the folks who work to make the program possible – for helping our child re-learn that he can function in the world. Thank you!” – Parent of a Graduate

Our son is doing really well at Carlbrook School and has made so much progress, I could write for 3 pages. With all of his schoolwork and activities we can’t get him away. We will be forever grateful to MVTC which got him, and us, on the correct path. Please pass along a huge thank you to all of the staff at MVTC and tell them of Nick’s progress – they all deserve credit!” – Father of a Graduate

“I graduated here after 94 days and it changed my life. If you’re a teenager with a serious anxiety disorder I highly recommend this place.” – A Graduate

“I’m so thrilled, I need to share my joy with you who will really understand what this represents – our daughter took her three friends camping last weekend! Just the four of them up in the mountains. It was her idea. She drove the treacherous mountain road and it got down to 10 degrees. For us out here that is radically cold. Now she is saying she wants to go somewhere over the summer for a couple weeks or a month for a college type experience. Even Cambridge and Oxford are in the mix. She also volunteered to go on hospital rounds with our doctor to help her get over her medical phobias. We’re all riding a high right now. None of this would have been possible without you folks.” – Mother of a Graduate

“Last year at this time, our daughter left MV with great composure and confidence….she continues to blossom each day at her school. Please give all a great big hug from me. Thank you so much.” – Father of a Graduate

“Its been more than a year since graduating from MVTC, and for the first time in my life, I feel like I want to go to school, and meet new people. I feel confident in myself, and I’m no longer scared. If I could give my life to MVTC and the people there I would. They changed my life forever. Thank you MVTC.” – An Email from a Graduate

My wife and I wanted to give you all an update on our son. First of all, THANK YOU so much for “what you do” each and every day for the residents at Mountain Valley. The graduation ceremony was very special, and we felt moved by the comments the residents and staff made to Tommy as he was presented with his Certificate of Achievement. We were equally glad to hear that Tommy had contributed in many ways to the Mountain Valley community. He already misses many of you, and has a story to tell about all the staffers, especially his buddy, Gaffey. Thank you again for making Tommy different.” – Father of a Graduate

Our son continues to do well. So far, so good! He tweeted last night, “Love being back. Love everyone.” I am singing MVTC’s praises to everyone who will listen.” – Parent of a Graduate

“On behalf of my family, I would like to offer you profound thanks for your work with our son. It would appear that, in a time of dire need, you have made a fundamental difference in his life. You deserve to be proud and pleased with what you do – which is nothing short of heroic. Many, many thanks.” — Parent of a Graduate

“Hey, I just got back from my first day back at school. It went well. I did have anxiety, but it was totally manageable. It was a challenge, but I can definitely do it. Thank you!” — An Email from a Graduate to his Therapist

I’m having a wonderful school year. So far I have perfect attendance and good grades (knock on wood!). I don’t think I could have made it this year without the MVTC staff. You were nothing but patient, kind, and caring. You helped me every step of the way. I can’t thank you enough. See you at my graduation.” — A Christmas Card from a Graduate

“Mountain Valley is an inspiring place to teach. Our tutors love to work with your kids!” – Kayte Knower, Knower Tutoring LLC.

“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your daughter today at our Habitat for Humanity job site. She was a visible leader in her group, which worked on installing (with cement) fence posts at the back of the property in Providence. She seems like a new person to me. Her self-confidence is apparent. I can appreciate the sacrifices that you made as a family to send her away to get the help she needed, but from my end the investment was well worth the effort. I look forward to heading back to Providence tomorrow with your daughter and her classmates.” — A letter to the Parents of a Graduate from a Teacher

“Thank you for all the excellent work you are doing with our son. He is clearly working hard and the positive changes are remarkable.” — Parent of Graduate

“Thank you all for putting together Mountain Valley and creating a much-needed niche program. The passion is evident! Looking forward to working with you is an understatement.” — Independent Educational Consultant

“It is wonderful to have our son home. ‘Thank you’ to Mountain Valley will never be enough!” — Parent of a Graduate

“I can’t thank you enough – it is really nice to have our daughter home. She is less attention-seeking than she has ever been and has expressed a lot of gratitude. She willingly participates in all family activities, even if they are things she wouldn’t ordinarily choose to do. Positive changes! We’re seeing more of the beautiful twinkle in her eye and that high-pitched giggle. Again, I can’t thank you enough!” —Parent of a Graduate

“You have a special group of kids at Mountain Valley, and I feel honored to be able to work with them.” — MVTC’s Therapeutic Filmmaking Instructor

“I want to thank you and the rest of the Staff at Mountain Valley for making our daughter’s intake so comfortable when she arrived on Wednesday. It is indeed a leap of faith to bring your child into a treatment center. By the end of the day, we felt good about the leap.” — Parent of Current Resident

My visit with you confirmed for me that Mountain Valley is the right place for my client. My gratitude for giving me the chance to talk with each of you at length, to go over the psychologist’s evaluation, to tour the facilities in your beautiful location, and most of all to spend time talking directly with your students. I came away with very good feelings about the work you are doing.” – Independent Educational Consultant

“Just wanted to thank you for creating MVTC, for hiring the most amazing staff, and for accepting our daughter into the program! So far, MVTC has exceeded our expectations! Jody is beyond fabulous. Her sensitivity, knowledge, compassion and “been there done that” is helping our daughter live a life she has not been able to live yet, in spite of her best efforts! It has only been 2 weeks, but so far so good! An incredibly grateful and very hopeful Mom (and Dad)!” — Parent of Current Resident

Thank you so much for everything you do at Mountain Valley. I know that I would not have been nearly as successful if it weren’t for you. Mountain Valley gave me my life back and I will always be so grateful for that. So thank you for giving me such amazing help over the last 90 days. I will miss you, but I will keep in touch. You are tremendous!” – A Graduate’s Thank You Note to her Therapist

“Hope all is well up at Mountain Valley! Our son is doing very well, and using the skills he learned. We are thrilled to see him happy, and learning to be at peace with himself.” — Parent of a Graduate

We just want you to know that we thought the family therapy exercise we did today was really helpful. The insights about my wife and I needing to be capable of switching roles to support our daughter, that there are times when we cannot help and that she recognizes that there are times when she is going to have to do it without us, were powerful. She is moving to a world of rational choice thanks to the great work of you, Jody and the MVTC staff. We cannot thank you all enough!” — Parent of Current Resident

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