MVTC - JasperAt a recent Mountain Valley Talent Show, one of our residents performed a rap that spoke volumes about his positive MVTC experience.  We’ve shared those “rhymes” below for all to appreciate!


I got the exit of the misery

I found my way out

I kept getting hit

Now I dont even have to crouch

Yeah I’m standing tall

You can never put me down

Doesn’t matter what I’ve been through

Cause what’s the means of it being told

The past is the past

I’m ready for the future to unfold

Yeah I create lyrical destruction

But this is the start of a new life

And I just began the construction

I’ve seen pain I’ve seen hurt

And I’ve felt so alone

But now I’ve found warmth

After feeling so Cold

Used to wish i could take off

My life is the road

But we all are in system

You can’t support the wall with a missing brick of stone

Yeah I’ll make it I’ll go at it till this kid has grown

I’m taking on the world

One day this will be known

And when these domino haters crash

I’ll be up there on my own

Life is what you make it

That’s why I took my place on throne

And finally I am happy

Yeah I got this smile on my face

Everyone’s got a reason

No one is out of place

It’s not about how wealthy

Just do yourself and you’ll do fine

Even if you were dirty

Everybody has the right to shine

Used to have so many worries

Used to let my brain cook till it was fried

But I took my mind off the stove

And now I can let it ride

I’m ready for moving

I’m ready for the climb

I can get over this mountain

I can reach the other side

I can find that valley

I can feel what its like to be alive

More challenges ahead

But I finally dropped the gun

Towards the oasis

Talkers say I’m tripping so I packed my bags for the sun

But it don’t matter what they say

If you believe it you will be number one

Remember me forever

And I will never be done